Granny ripple blanket pattern


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  1. Nikoran
    Nikoran 11 months ago

    Gracias por aceptarme, soy tu fan desde México.

  2. Zukora
    Zukora 11 months ago


  3. Fekazahn
    Fekazahn 11 months ago

    I've met a lot of Canadians. Wonderful people. Should be near the top of anyone's list of world's friendliest people. Maybe you see a cultural difference from your side of the border, I don't know. We have more in common than our differences. Dating did not go too well for me in my youth. Same with my brother. I'm pushing 60 now. Seems like women are more attracted to me now that I'm married. Cheating girls are insecure and lonely. Look for a more quality social circle.

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